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At Premium Trading we offer Clients logistic solutions with an uncompromising quality service. We assist you in exploiting the vast potential in the local logistic solutions thus ensuring timely action and reliability in us. Planning, coordinating and tracking together with the expertise available at Premium, we assist Clients to transport goods to anywhere in the world at the timeline available with expedited services.

Stepping in to Premium Trading truly means Solutions delivered with commitment and reliability which has been the key factors which has contributed towards the growth of Premium Trading within a short span of 6 years in the industry. Supported by Prudential Shipping Lines, a pioneer in delivering a diversified range of Marine related solutions, Premium Trading proffers hassle free logistic solutions coupled with skilled manpower, machinery, yard storage, transportation and custom clearance services.


  • Prudential Shipping Lines (PTE) LTD
  • Helanka	Vacations (PVT) LTD
  • International Business Consortium(PVT) LTD
  • 06-01, Access Towers, No. 278, Union Place, Colombo 2, Sri Lanka.
  • +94-(0)11-2303366
  • +94-(0)11-2303366
  • gm@premiumlk.com

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