HSE Policy

We believe the most important asset of our organization is the human capital we have invested in as we believe no Organization can ever reach excellence through emerging opportunities without people. We consider it our responsibility and bounden duty to safe guard and protect this valuable resource. To achieve this end we have identified each element of HSSE Best Practices and we continue to enrich these values by expanding the devices and mechanisms therein which is in line with predefined management practices.

Health, Safety, Security & the working Environment is the very foundation and platform from which we launch our efforts to provide the ideal ambience which is safe and comfortable which has been developed using pre-defined guidelines which is communicated frequently to all our employees and reaffirm this effort by providing appropriate training in various disciplines.

Our “researched and developed” employee handbook provides recipients with adequate knowledge which is well interpreted and in an easy to “read and understand” format.

Critical evaluation systems are in place and is concurrently reviewed, appraised and appropriate corrective measures are being taken to maintain consistency in quality and in the implementation of the said processes.


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